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Black Hat Gang

The centerpiece to every hat collection, the quintessential black hat is the backbone to your look. Whether it is a fedora for every day dress, a derby or top hat for formal occasions or a pork pie when you want to be a little jazzy, the best bet is placed on black. With that in mind, we’ve ganged up a notorious grouping of black hats that are more than the just the Most Wanted, they’ll become the must have heavy hitters in your wardrobe.

Featuring classic good looks and enough attitude to make the gals swoon, the hats in the Black Hat Gang are full of good guy quality and bad boy style. With namesakes that display their strong personality, you don’t have to be a made man or a wise guy to fit into this gang, you just have to know a great hat when you see one. Now go on and round up the usual suspects!

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