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Tip your hat to Belfry's exceptional men’s line. It all started here at Hats in the Belfry. Over 30 years of sourcing hats and hat accessories to the general public led us to create our own line of fashionable men’s hats that doesn’t sacrifice on quality or value. Belfry hats are designed with a classic style, and made with long-lasting, luxurious materials that are easy to care for, like cashmere, cotton, Harris Tweed, leather, linen and straw. We also design and manufacture wool and fur felt hats. The Belfry line offers style and well-crafted hats for a reasonable price. While many eras can be distinguished by the hats gentlemen wore, in this era, you can choose your own style, and your own hat. Hats evolved out of function, though today many wear hats purely for style, with function as a secondary purpose. Classic-style hats never go out of fashion, and take an outfit from nice to sharp with just this one accessory. Historically, the bowler became popular in the 1850s. The fedora, also known as the trilby in parts of Europe, was worn universally in the 1930s by men of all social standing from gangsters to newspaper reporters, and everyone in between. Other styles such as the safari hat evolved out of the sun helmet or pith helmet into a more functional and wearable piece of headgear.

Hats in the Belfry carries the complete line of Belfry men’s hats that offers a diverse selection of styles to suit any look.

The Belfry's popular Classic Style Collection includes timeless staples like straw fedoras, fur felt bowlers and wool safari hats, plus our Luxury Cap Collection, which includes newsboys, ivy caps and flat caps overflowing with quality and made from desirable materials that have been sourced from Italy and England. Each Belfry hat is made with close attention to detail in the U.S. and comes in various sizes for a perfect fit.