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Driver and Ivy Caps Driver and Ivy Caps Driver and Ivy Caps

Driver and Ivy Caps

Ivy caps — also known as cabbie caps, flat caps, golf caps and driver caps — are rounded caps that are marked by their distinctive, short brims at the front. These iconic European hats are thought to have originated as early as the 14th century in Northern England and have always been representative of the essence of Great Britain. Donned by icons ranging from Andy Capp to Samuel L. Jackson, the ivy cap spans centuries and classes, but has always remained a staple of smart accessorizing.

Hats in the Belfry’s flat cap collection includes everything from the dapper wool driving cap to the suave tweed apple cap. Our selection includes our best-selling Belfry ivy caps that feature comfortable cotton, seersucker or ripstop bodies and cozy interior linings, as well as quality flat caps made by brands like Stetson, Mayser, Kangol, Grace and Wigens. Whether you’re looking for stylish, practical or a mix of the two, Hats in the Belfry’s flat cap selection is sure to include a look for you.