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Safari Hats

Adventure Awaits with Men’s Safari Hats

Channel your inner adventurer with our selection of rugged and practical safari hats for men at Hats in the Belfry. These ultra-cool hats instantly put you in the mood for exciting journeys, from all-day wilderness hikes to backyard gardening. You’ll feel inspired by the adventurer look you achieve just by adding a rugged safari hat to your adventure-worthy wardrobe.

A Twist on the Classic Fedora

Although similar to the classic Australian outback hat, safari hats are actually fedoras with the brimmed turn down. Often constructed from durable yet slouchy materials like straw, cotton or canvas, the classic safari hat is generally distinguished by its center dent or teardrop crown and 2.5-inch to 3-inch long brim. Great for wear in the outdoors, the safari hat helps protect the face and neck from UV rays and precipitation. Much like the hard safari hat worn by the world’s greatest adventurers, the modern men’s safari hat is all about keeping you ready for anything, from unexpected downpours to hard-hitting sun rays.

The Adventurer’s Style

Our huge selection of men’s safari hats includes durable, all-weather hats made from weather-coated cotton, hand-woven Panama straw, 100 percent cotton, water-resistant poplin, rugged canvas and many other materials designed to keep you cool and protected. Classic beige or green safari hats are finished with sensible features like shapeable brims, side snaps, chin straps and additional grommets for ventilation.

Because we care about the quality of the hat you receive, we choose to carry safari hats by trusted hat makers like Outback Trading, Belfry, Broner and Stetson. These are among the many top name brands we prefer due to their authentic designs, high-quality materials and affordable prices. Each hat is made with centuries-old hat-making techniques to ensure that it lasts throughout the most action-packed adventures.

Going on a far-off journey? Pick a packable men’s safari hat that folds down and then bounces back to its original shape after hours of being packed in your suitcase. If you want a little of that Indiana Jones flavor mixed with the sexy style of fedoras, then our men’s safari hats are the perfect fit for you. Find the right style for your tastes by browsing our full collection at Hats in the Belfry.

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