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Cha Cha hats offer style and attitude for those who want to make a statement with old world inspired women's hats (and now men's hats in their men's collection). Designer Dina Pisani opened her own millinery design studio, Cha Cha's House of Ill Repute after completing the millinery program at FIT and collaborating with some of the industry's top hat designers and brands. With a passion for hand blocked hats and 1920s and 1930s styles, Cha Chas hats turn your casual statement into sophisticated chic.

Cha Cha hats take you back to the days when it wasn't your hair that made the statement, but rather the fashion hat that covered it. With her own spin on classic hats, our Cha Cha hats collection includes fur felt fedora hats, asymmetrical fedora hats, and porkpie hats.

With a variety of adornments including flashy gold leaf trim, chain and sword jewel, and herringbone bands, each Cha Cha hat offers a singular quality. Complete your look this season with a stylish hat from a collection inspired by Manhattan, both past and present. Splurge and enjoy one of our Cha Cha hats.

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