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      Sorbatti Hats

      Belfry Italia

      With an eye for detail trained and honed through a century of tradition and dedication, Sorbatti hats have stood the test of time to continue delivering classic and reliable fashion through generations. From stylish safaris to the casual breeziness of a porkpie, there is no denying the way they elevate everyday attire to something that is sure to make a statement.

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      Deeply Rooted Tradition & A Family's Dedication

      It was 1922 when Mr. Attilio Sorbatti and his wife, Ester, founded and began the tradition of designing and crafting handmade hats. From his sons Filippo, Ermano, and Nerino and now to grandsons Marco and Attilio, and still further to his great grandson Daniele, the legacy of Sorbatti remains truly tied deeply to family.

      For us at Hats in the Belfry, there's just something exceptionally special about being able to work with such partners as Sorbatti Hats nestled in the scenic landscape of Montappone's rolling hills.

      The area is viewed as the very heart of the hat-making world, and we certainly feel it when met with the history and passion of such family-run millineries, which is why we strive to share their work with you. Each hat is a testament to that history, and when you wear a Sorbatti hat, you become part of the tradition in keeping their legacy alive and thriving. 

      While the sloping slants of their safari brims not only cut sharp silhouettes, but also remain mindful of making sure you are protected from the sun and elements, the flexibility of their fedora, trilby and porkpie styles offer creative range being paired with dress attire, or dressed down to add flair for any manner of day or occasion. It's safe to say they have become one of our milliners we look to, to help elevate the everyday into something truly stylish and fun for both our ladies and gentlemen alike!