Natural Straw Hats

      From Raffia, Seagrass, To Panama, Palm & More

      Natural Straw hats are made from the finest fibers from varies types of palm and more, creating not only fashionable staples for the season, but also durable and breathable companions to any outing. Stylish and functional, they offer coverage from the sun and provide classy silhouettes wanting to put their best summer hat forward!

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      More Than Just "Straw"

      It's likely surprising that there can be so much variety beneath the umbrella term "Natural Straw," but this vast selection in our collection helps to ensure you find the perfect hat for you!

      Sourced from various palms and plants from various places throughout the world, our natural straw hats range from genuine Panama handwoven in Ecuador, to palm straw woven in Mexico, raffia and seagrass, to hemp and more, each coming with its own benefits in wear and style.

      For their light weight and breathability, the Panama straw hats cut classic shapes while also preserving time-honored tradition and craftsmanship. While our raffia and palm straws bring durability sure to withstand any summer activity you have planned, seagrass straw will absorb any moisture so you don't have to sweat it if it gets wet!

      For our eco conscious customers, hemp is a fantastic option for its sustainability and biodegradability on top of its light weight and durability, making it a material we are proud to be able to offer you.

      A lot of our natural straws can hold up to travel, and are great accessories for dressing up or down, making them perfect for not only special occasions, but also to keep you looking sharp on the day-to-day!

      If you're looking to broaden your horizons with a new natural straw hat, look no further. We hold a try-and-guarantee policy wherein if somehow you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund or exchange it for another hat, and offer free shipping for purchases over $95*, so you can try our products without any risk!  

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