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Feel confident with our Tesi Traveler Free Return Policy. Your satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we offer FREE returns for Tesi Traveler Hats in their original, unworn condition.


    The Tesi Traveler Collection

    Discover the endless possibilities of the Tesi Traveler Collection - the ideal travel hat crafted from ultra-lightweight, high-quality Merino wool. Not only is Merino wool weatherproof and packable, its fibers are softer than regular wool and provide unbeatable insulation. It's natural loft creates air pockets between the fibers to keep you comfortably warm, while also remaining breathable and regulating body temperature to stop you from getting overheated. The Tesi Traveler Collection offers reliable versatile protection no matter the season.

    This amazing collection offers multiple stylish choices like the Bartolo, a timeless fedora with a grosgrain ribbon, and a selection of safari brims with varying brim lengths and leather band details. Every item is thoughtfully designed to keep you looking sharp and stylish. 

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    Luigi & Guido Tesi

    Tesi was founded in the mid 19th century and by the beginning of the 20th century the company was internationally renowned. Their factory has expanded but can be found in its original location in Florence.

    Various fashion trends helped the company flourish. In the 1920’s the Panama hat became a fashion must-have, and Tesi was clever to jump on this trend and specialize in making them of the finest sourced materials. Today they continue to produce quality straw hats as well as felt and fabric styles for special occasions and everyday wear.

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