Prevent Hat Head

How to prevent hat head is a common question that as a hat lover, we know you've asked yourself at least once or twice. Whether you're looking for the tips and tricks to prevent hat head when you take off a warm winter hat or information to help you stay hip and trendy after you remove your stylish fedora, we've got your answers to preventing hat head.

When you follow these simple steps you will reduce the effects and prevent hat head from taking over your style:

  1. Always be sure to check the size of your hat. Hat head (sometimes referred to as hat hair) is most common when you wear a hat that is too small for your head. You should be able to fit your finger between the hat band and your head.
    For help finding your hat size, check out our Hat Sizing Chart.
  2. Choose fleece or cotton hats with an elastic hat band over wool hats or other heavy fabrics. Heavy fabrics tend to weigh the hat down, thus creating the appearance of hat head. Cotton hats also decrease the amount of static electricity which causes fly-aways.
  3. Be sure to dry your hair thoroughly before wearing your hat. Wet or damp hair will dry underneath the hat and take on the shape of the hat itself, thus causing the unruly appearance of hat hair.
    If your hair is long enough, we recommend twisting the top and securing it with a clip or wearing a loose ponytail to prevent hat hair, too.
  4. If your hair is prone to static electricity, prevent hat head by spritzing static guard on the inside of your hat, rub an unscented dryer sheet along the inside, or spray your hair lightly with a frizz controlling hairspray.
  5. Rejuvenate your hair; when you remove your hat, shake your hair loose and rub a small amount of hair gel into your hair to revive limp locks. NEVER brush your hair to get rid of hat head; this will only make it worse!

As you can see, the steps are simple. Next time you look to top off your outfit with a stylish men's or women's hat, remember our effortless steps to prevent hat head.