5 Things to Look for When Buying a Fedora Hat for Men

5 Things to Look for When Buying a Fedora Hat for Men

Whether you're just getting into hats or merely looking to expand your hat repertoire with a new classic fedora, it can be overwhelming just trying to get started. Thankfully, we here at Hats in the Belfry have managed to whittle it down to five basic points to consider, to help you navigate all the different men's hats for sale to help you find just what you may be looking for!


First and foremost, the main thing to consider is material. Hats, much like clothes, have seasonal weights, and you don't want to invest in a hat you can't put to immediate enjoyment because where's the fun in that? 

So, what material should you look for, when?

To beat the heat, men's summer fedora hats will come in a range of straws from toquilla palm to raffia and even paper options like toyo and shantung. These materials will remain light and breathable as you wear them, making sure you remain cool and comfortable enjoying the sun. 

In counter to that, felted materials like wool and rabbit fur are meant to help retain warmth, making them ideal for the fall and winter. 

Now, once you know what season and material you're looking for, you can start looking into other elements like crown shape and brim. 


 A classic fedora hat will come in usually what are referred to as crease crowns or center dent crowns, bubble crease crowns, and teardrop crowns. 

Crease crowns like the Belfry Stephano and bubble crease crowns like the Belfry Torres will have a more tapered and narrow appearance when worn, whereas teardrop crowns like the Stetson Stratoliner will have a wider profile. It's definitely worth trying on all three to see which will be the most complementary to the look you're going for. 


Similarly, the brim of the fedora style is another key factor to consider when shopping for fedora hats for men. 

Classic fedora brims will generally be between 2 1/4" to 3" wide, whereas stingy brim fedoras will have brims that are 2" or smaller. A hot trend right now is wide brim fedoras and flat brims, which are usually 3" or wider like our Belfry Arlo and definitely optimal choices when you're wanting to make bold statements. Pairing these flat, wide brims with some fun flair like pins and feathers really adds a sleek wow factor to top off your look!


So here's the thing: fit is likely the most difficult part of figuring out your fedora needs. 

Our general rule of thumb is that you want the hat snug, but not constricting. "Snug" guarantees that the wind isn't immediately going to fight you for your hat, but it's not so tight as to make it uncomfortable to wear for more than an hour. You don't want to get a headache trying to rock your new hat!

Usually, folks will find that when the hat sits and fits just right, there's still a distance of about the width of your finger rested horizontally between the brim of your hat and the tip of your ear. 

Something more to consider is the stiffness of the body of the hat, which will also affect fit. Crushable styles like the Belfry Agapito will have the softest bodies, and thus the most give when worn. A mid-stiff fedora hat like Belfry Santorini will focus more on shape presentation and stiffer hat bodies like the Stetson Roark will not have much if any give to them. For mid-stiff and firmer styles, we recommend trying on your usual size and then the size just above it to see which will work out best for you - sometimes, it's best to go with a hat that's slightly too big and size it down with some size reduction tape if your normal size is suddenly fitting a little uncomfortably. 

Once you've got your fedora fitting just how you want it, it's time for the fun part of buying your new hat: 


Whether looking for a specific event or everyday use, ultimately one of the key points to consider is just how to style a fedora hat, and this is where your personality comes into play!

Fedoras are classically associated with men's dress, so it goes without saying they're a perfect topper for a suit to any swanky event you may be attending. If you want to keep it simple and sleek, a matching or contrasting grosgrain ribbon band is a classy option without a lot of fuss. 

However, who's to say a fedora can't be an everyday hat? Sporting a stingy brim like the Belfry Lecter can jazz up a t-shirt and shorts easily, elevating your summer look to a step above without feeling like it's too much and adding some attitude to boot.  


Once you've cemented each of these five elements in looking to buy your new fedora, the rest is sure to be a breeze. If you find you still have any questions, however, always feel free to reach out to our customer service at 888-999-HATS (4287) or via email at hats@hatsinthebelfry.com. Better yet, come see us at 103 Main Street in Annapolis to try them on in person! We'd love to help you find your new fedora hat for the season!