Woman in brown hat

Best Fedoras for Women

Why Choose a Woman's Fedora?

Whether you're bold when it comes to fashion or more conservative, you may want to switch up your hat game now and again (assuming you like hats, which you probably do, since you're here in the first place).

While you might associate fedoras with 1930s gangsters, this style of hat was, in fact, pioneered by a woman. The famed French stage actress Sarah Bernhardt wore the "first" fedora in a play which was, conveniently enough, entitled Fédora. And while men might have co-opted this look over the years, fedoras for women have made a comeback.

These styles of hats are adorable, chic - and most important of all, versatile. Fedoras can be paired with just about any outfit, from casual jean shorts, slacks or a swimsuit to a summer dress, sweater and scarf combo (for colder environs) or alongside a sleek-looking leather jacket.

Hats in the Belfry's Women's Fedoras

If you've made the decision to don a fedora (or you're looking to add to your hat collection), Hats in the Belfry has assembled a wide selection of modish women's fedoras. These hats were designed to complement any woman's sense to style.

To give you an idea of what we have in store for you, here are a few examples of some of the best fedoras for women you're bound to ever come across in your fashion life.

Our exclusive Belfry Italia Misa Wool Fedora, which is part of our "Made in Italy" collection, is cute as can be. The Italian wool build (with an adjustable drawstring for a perfect fit) and teardrop crown sits at a slight asymmetrical angle on your head. The big ribbon rosette highlights the grosgrain ribbon band, while the rich sea green hue will bring a sense of color to your autumn or winter wardrobe.

Our Belfry Italia Vivi Wide Brim Fedora (also from our milliner-designed "Made in Italy" line) will let you subtly express your sense of style with a unique design that isn't too over the top. Coming in black or dove (a warmish tan-gray), the Vivi, built with superior grade brushed Italian wool, stands apart from other fedoras thanks to its hand-crafted crown. Our Italia Vivi is perfect for women who want to garner a bit of extra attention (due to their choice of hat) without looking like they're trying to garner added attention. The Vivi is subtle, yet bold at the same time.


If you worship color and are a fan of Western apparel and accents, Handmade for Belfry's "Poppy" Western Wool Fedora might be the hat for you. This wool felt burnt orange fedora would easily stand out against a New Mexican sunset. The somewhat altered teardrop crown, distressed leather hatband and pliable material mean this fedora is the perfect choice for gals on the go (scrunch the hat down for bags, suitcases and travel). The Poppy will add a big splash of color to your wardrobe.

As you can see by now, Belfry Italia and Handmade from Belfry make some of the best fedoras for women around. The examples above were only meant to whet your hat-shopping appetite. Visit Hats in the Belfry today and see what else we have in store for you.