From Beach Days to Garden Parties: The Perfect Summer Hats for Women

From Beach Days to Garden Parties: The Perfect Summer Hats for Women

It's summertime, ladies! 

We all know what that means: it's time to get out and enjoy the season for all it has to offer us, whether it be sun and sand at the beach, giving in to our wanderlust and traveling, or getting to enjoy fanciful garden parties, cocktail (or mocktail) in-hand.

As steadfast believers in there being a hat for every occasion, we here at Hats in the Belfry are sure to have something to suit your summer needs. 

Beach Days

All right, let's be honest. Has your search history every looked like "Best summer hats for women UPF 50 sun protective"? 

We understand entirely, and cheer your savvy on one of the key factors you want to consider about making sure your beach hats don't leave you burned - literally and emotionally.  

For the best wide brim sun protection hat, it's important to look for hats with tightly woven material to offer the best coverage. It's recommended too, to make sure your wide brim is longer that 3", to give you the best shade possible over your face, neck and shoulders. In our collection of flat and wide brim styles, hats like the Belfry Matera not only serve as functional women's hats for sun protection with its solidly woven straw body and added string for beachy breezes, but also add a bit of sleek style as an added bonus!

Travel Companions

If you're hopping a plane or boat this summer and trying to tick off some of those bucket list destinations, stylish and sun-safe travel hats are the perfect companion to have in-hand (or .. on-head. Hats, ya know?)

Packable sun hats will come in a variety of straws anywhere between paper braids and crocheted raffia, and will be able to hold up to any handling or temporary stashing in bags you may have to do. Thankfully as well, if you're looking for women's hats for small heads, some will come sized like the Belfry Vittoria with an added bonus of also still being sized down further with an adjustable band hidden inside the inner band! 

Garden Parties

When seeking to be cool and fashionable, a lightweight material like sinamay or sisal tends to be a good go-to. Shantung and toyo paper straws of course offer breathable alternatives that are perfect if your garden party is bright and cheery, because they'll help you stay protected from the sun without sacrificing any touch of fashion. 

In our Special Occasion collection, we strive to bring you the very best in style and price, whether handmade in Italy like our Belfry Imelda or made in the USA like our classically styled Belfry Caroline with its sassy lipstick crown and bow combo. From modern, sleek lines and silhouettes to vintage inspired classic cuts, there's a full host of hats to choose from that are assured in quality to keep you looking your absolute best while you enjoy mingling with friends at a garden party or any other more formal outdoor event. 


As always, if you find yourself still seeking summer hats for women and need a bit of guidance, feel free to reach out to our customer service at 888-999-HATS (4287) or by email at Want to come see us and try them out in-person? Visit our retail location at 103 Main Street Downtown Annapolis! We'd love to have you.