How to Wear a Cloche Hat with Style

Cloche Hat Basics

When worn the "right" way, a cloche can add a touch of grace to any ensemble, whether dressy or casual. Traditionally, cloche hats were worn at a slight angle to cover a small portion of the face.

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is selecting the proper cloche hat size. Your cloche needs to be snug enough on the crown of your head to stay put when worn at an angle, but still big enough to fit your head, of course. Hats in the Belfry's hat sizing guide can help you figure out how to measure your head for sizing, so you can choose the perfect fit.

Cloche Materials

Different cloche materials suit different occasions, whether formal or casual. Dressier cloche hats should be made from structured materials like plush fur felt or textured wool. If you're in the market for a more relaxed-looking cloche, opt for a laidback style made from quality straw or comfy cotton.

Modern and Vintage Cloche Hats

If you happen to be the kind of woman who favors vintage flair, wide brim vintage-looking cloche hats that emphasize the classic bell shape might be for you. If you lean more toward modern fashion, contemporary cloches with up-to-date adornments like chain-link belting or slim hatbands might fit your overall aesthetic a bit better.

How to Wear a Cloche Hat with Short or Long Hair

No matter the length of your hair, a properly fitted cloche can highlight your unique hairstyle. Experiment a little with the hat's angle on your head to work out how to wear a cloche hat with longer hair, or to figure out how a cloche can complement shorter styles, like pixie cuts, bobs and bang cuts.

With medium-length to long hair, you can simply let the hair drape down the sides of your shoulder or experiment with a ponytail (perhaps draped over one shoulder). It all depends on if you want the bell-shaped cloche to show off your cascading locks, or you want your hair tied back (braids, ponytails, etc.) to highlight your hat - letting your designer cloche take center stage.