How To Wear A Pork Pie Hat

Pork pie hats, with their low-profile telescoped crowns and supple brims, often evoke images of the jazz era when they really came into vogue. The anti-hero Walter White, from the cult television series Breaking Bad, began to sport a pork pie whenever he slipped into his darker "Heisenberg" persona.

Some people not in the know occasionally confuse pork pies with fedoras. Pork pie hats, as a general rule, have a shorter crown and brim when compared to fedoras, which is an easy way to tell these two iconic hat styles apart.

How to Wear a Pork Pie Hat

Now that you have a working definition of what a pork pie hat actually is, we should probably offer you a few helpful suggestions about how to wear one (should you decide to ever buy one).

Since these hats have a shorter crown than a fedora, you don't have to worry about them elongating your face - but conversely, if you're looking to add a few inches of overall height to your frame, pork pie hats might not be for you.

Pork pie hats come in all kinds of creative, fashionable styles. These hats are often made out of different kinds of material - including braided hemp, linen, paper braid, Toyo straw, wool felt and more - which means they're suited to both warmer and colder climates. They also match well with a wide variety of attire. And since pork pies can be built out of different materials, they can be worn with casual clothes as well as more formal apparel.

How Should a Pork Pie Hat Fit?

In most cases, these hats look best when worn level, sitting comfortably (not too tight) on the top of the head. For some added glamour or intrigue, a pork pie hat can be worn tilted at a slight angle, giving the wearer a very singular style. The brim, although shorter than other hat styles, should be at least as broad as your jawline. Men with small or excessively round faces should probably avoid pork pie hats, as their telescoped crowns will only accentuate the look of a shorter face.