Man Wearing A Pork Pie Hat

How To Wear A Pork Pie Hat

Pork pie hats, with their low-profile telescope crowns and supple stingy brims, are as classy and classic as the fedora. It's a hat that has range and staying power through the years, spanning from the silent film era of Buster Keaton, to jazz musician Lester Young, even into modern pop culture with fictional characters like Walter White, from the Breaking Bad series.

They are a tried and true favorite and ours, and we hope you give them a try! Here's some quick tips with how to incorporate them into your style.

How to Wear a Pork Pie Hat

In most cases, these hats look best when worn level, sitting comfortably snug (not too tight) on the top of the head. For some added glamour or intrigue, a pork pie hat can be worn tilted at a slight angle, or even popped back on the head giving the wearer a very singular style (we recommend this especially to our ladies with short pixie styled cuts!). The brim, although shorter than other hat styles, should be at least as broad as your jawline, creating a sense of balance.

Since these hats have a shorter crown than a fedora, you don't have to worry about them elongating your face - great for those of us with long narrow features! Conversely, however, people with small or excessively round faces may not always like the look of pork pie hats, as their telescoped crowns will only accentuate the look of a shorter face, but again that may fall to brim length and whether it is a circular telescope crown or a diamond shaped pork pie. Don't count them out!

It is worth trying on one of each style in your size to see which better suits you.

As for attire, they cover a wide array of needs and situations. We have quite a few ladies and gentlemen that have them as a staple to their everyday look, but they're also a go-to for any suit as well if you want to stand out from the crowd and wear something different from a fedora. 

With some extra flair in feathers or pins, the skies the limit!