Keeping Cozy in Caps with Ear Flaps

Keeping Cozy in Caps with Ear Flaps

Autumn leaves color the trees, and alongside them both our days and nights begin to hold the chilling bite of the winter months that approach. We gather our thicker coats, seek out scarves, and tuck gloves away into pockets and bags for the inevitability that they will be needed, because it's far better to be prepared than finding yourself without, right?

Then, of course, we seek out our coziest hat. 

For some folks, this may mean a nice knit beanie, but what about those of us who spend the rest of our year wearing a nice cap and would much prefer to keep the look without cursing our plight in the cold? (Because let’s face it, exposed ears facing the bitter cold of midwinter just hurt!)

One could always try to seek out hat friendly earmuffs that wrap around the back of the head, but did you know we carry some caps that are a step ahead of the winter game and have ear flaps sewn in already to be tugged down and put to use for such occasions? 

Let’s take a look at some of our caps with ear flaps to give you an idea of what your options could be this winter for any of your impending winter wonderland wanderings!



Brr Friendly Baseball Caps

Why not start with a solid, basic baseball cap? Part of our Belfry Italia line, the Belfry Wobola keeps it simple and clean with its wool blend and cozy with a brushed finish. It comes in a variety of colors as well so you can find your perfect match. 

We also offer a variety of Wigens baseball caps with ear flaps like the Wigens Cedric. Similarly to the Wobola, it comes in a nice array of colors, it has the added bonus of a slightly longer bill if you prefer the extra coverage, as well as a quilted interior for extra insulation. 



Defrosting Flat Caps

For a sleek modern cut, the Belfry Cascina from our Italia collection keeps the flexibility of casual style with an edge of fashion to keep you fully covered for the season. Though detailed with accented stitching and different fabric panels, it remains a nice neutral base for any outfit with its earthy warm hues. 

If you prefer a more classic cut Ivy, we offer the Wigens Georgie, made with Donegal tweed, or even the Wigens Arthur, if you want something with some subtle, beautiful colors. 

While most of the flat caps with ear flaps tend to be an Ivy or Pub cut, we do also offer the Belfry Brandon from our Goods collection, for a Newsboy alternative if a paneled cap is more your style. The Brandon also carries the surprise of hidden snaps that let you unsnap the fabric from the bill to play with how the fabric lays if you prefer a more open newsie style. 

As with all of our caps with flaps, when not needed, they tuck up inside the hat for easy concealment, and are superbly comfortable on the head. We’re more than pleased to be able to offer you these and more under our Caps with Ear Flaps section–so help yourself, and enjoy!