Naming Our Hats - TV & Movie Edition

Naming Our Hats - TV & Movie Edition

Naming our hats is probably one of the best parts of our creative process. Some of our hats are named after customers - We call them the Happy Hat People. Other hats have Italian names. But, every now and again we look to our favorite movies and television shows for inspiration.

Peaky Blinders - Every year "Peaky Blinders" is our most searched for term on our website. We know that our customers are looking for a newsboy cap. So, this year we decided to have a bit of fun and named our newest collection of Wigens newsboys and ivys after characters on the show.

Rocky - Who doesn't like the Rocky and Creed movies?! To celebrate our love for the movies, we named a black leather trilby, similar to the one worn in the movie, the Belfry Rocky. Go check it out. 

Harry Potter - Our buyers love for Harry Potter is what gave this season's collection of Kathy Jeanne hats their name. Check out the Lily, Ginny and Fleur. They are stunning!

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