Sustainably Eco-friendly Buckets

Sustainably Eco-friendly Buckets

Thought to have come about in Ireland around 1900, bucket hats have become a staple for every day wear, being great for grab-and-go ventures whether it's fishing, hiking, or any other assortment of outdoor activities or, you know... just looking swanky for the day. This present upswing in their popularity as a prime fashion accessory to boot also means you can find them pretty much everywhere!

This year, we thought to up the bucket bonanza with taking a step towards sustainability and eco-friendly materials focusing on linen and hemp as well as blends between the two, so you're not only being fashionable, but conscientious in your hat choice.

 Why Hemp & Linen

Linen is made from the flax plant, and can be grown without the need for such things as pesticides or extra fertilizers, and hemp requires less water than cotton while also not depleting the soil of its nutrients so the same soil can safely be reused for years without any issues concerning soil quality.

They're two power plants for greener textile production, with added benefits of being stronger than their more well-known and used cotton counterpart, and being breathable and moisture wicking which--wearing a hat in the hottest dog days of summer--is very important!

The Collection

 The Blends

If you're looking for linen/hemp blends, the Belfry Mazaro and Belfry Irmino bring the best of both in equally fun patterns for a bit of a statement. The Belfry Mazaro boasts bold stripes of blue and a rusty brown, bringing a fun pop to your look, whereas the Belfry Irmino lightens up to a softer blue and tans plaid. Both easily swing from spring to fall with their neutral tones as well, so you're sure to get a lot of wear. As an added bonus: they come sized, small to extra large!

For a linen/cotton blend, the Belfry Erica in a one-sized option (sized roughly around a medium) that is stiped on one side, and reversible to a solid blue!

All Hemp

Our one 100% hemp bucket is the Belfry Morla, looking bright and sunny with its off-white color and contrasting blue underbrim. Like the Belfry Mazaro and Belfry Irmino, it comes sized, and makes for a wonderful open canvas for any fun adornments you might feel inclined to add. (Have you read our blog about accessorizing your hat? Check it out!)

All Linen

For fans of 100% linen, the Belfry Cerio is a fantastic beige plaid bucket with multiple season wear and sizing small to extra large as well. Like the rest of its bucket peers, the Cerio is soft and incredibly crushable, able to be folded or rolled and put into a bag or even your back pocket for quick stashing! 


We're really proud to have been able to start going in this direction with slow, sustainable fashion, and really hope you enjoy what we off and will hopefully expand upon in our future!

If you have any questions about these styles, always feel free to reach out to our customer service at 888-999-HATS (4287) or via email at Want to visit us and shop in person? Come see us at 103 Main Street in Annapolis!