Green and Burgundy fedoras

Types of Fedoras

What is a Fedora?

Today, the average individual perceives a fedora as a brimmed hat and often will refer to all such styles with this descriptor. While yes, the fedora is indeed a brimmed hat, there are nuances to the style that round of its particular make.

Although more variation exists than in past decades, a fedora is a combination of specific features. It usually will have a medium-to-wide brim based on the decade it was constructed or trying to emulate that has the ability to "snap" or be coaxed down in the front for added coverage, as well as a structured crown with a telltale pinch at the front and a teardrop or crease on top.

 Through this perspective, here are some of the various styles of fedora you may find with us here at Hats in the Belfry:

Classic Felt Fedoras

There's no better place to start than the original classic fedora. This is the style that immediately comes to mind and delivers the most traditional combination. The brims will be between 2 to 3 inches wide, and will come in crease or teardrop crowns. Our felts range from wool, wool and cashmere blends, to fur felts. Our Belfry Bartolo is a new part of this collection, and one we're happy to have!

Straw Fedoras

The classic fedora shape in spring and summer weight so you can continue to indulge in your favorite look. We love the hand-woven Panama straw as seen in our Belfry St. John in particular and highly recommend it. Natural straw is an ideal material because of its durability and breathability it provides while resting comfortably on any head. With our styles, we also tend to have crack-resistant liners in the pinch to help with any well-loved wear, as well as moisture wicking inner bands to protect your hat from sweat and oils. 

 Safari Fedoras (Outdoor Fedora)

 While safari brims lose the ability to snap, they extend the functionality of a fedora by giving a gently sloped brim style that focuses on giving protection against the sun and weather while keeping the classic pinched fedora crown look. These are available in straws or felts, and dress down to more everyday wear for when classic fedoras seem a bit too formal. Our Belfry Alrigo treads the line between functionality and style flawlessly. 

 Stingy Brim Fedoras

For those that wish to have the look of a fedora but without as much hat, the stingy brim fedoras are the perfection option. Keeping the ability to snap the front of the brim down, they are much shorter in width--usually two inches and under, and while that takes away a lot of the functionality to protect you from the sun, it makes up for it in being a stylish accessory for a day out. Just check out our Belfry Tirso to see what we mean!

Fedoras are extremely fashionable and useful for just about any occasion. They are a signature and staple for anyone interested in hats, and you can be sure they'll keep you covered for many years to come!