The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Summer Straw Hat

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Summer Straw Hat

Summertime fun in the sun is top of the agenda for everyone wanting to enjoy the very best of the season, and making sure you have your perfect hat in tow is a great way to beat the heat! Here are some tips and tricks to finding your perfect straw hat for the season!

Fit & Function

When considering where to even start with summer straw hats, one key point is function.

First and foremost, it's important to decide how much of a priority sun protection will hold in your hunt for a new hat, because that will dictate where you want to start thinking in regards to brim width. It's generally recommended to seek out straw sun hats with brims that are 3 or more inches wide for optimal sun coverage, and tight, flat woven straws will provide even, solid shade to boot. Hats that fall under this category will generally be safari brim fedoras and wide brim sun hats.  

If the sun is less of a priority, that of course opens you up to a full array of hats to peruse. Classic fedoras will still give a middle range of coverage from the sun, whereas stingy brim fedoras, trilbys and pork pies are all about style and attitude! 

Another important detail to keep in mind is the fit of your hat.

Most men's straw sun hats will come in a full range of sizes, so you'll want to make sure your hat is properly sized and fitted.

A general rule of thumb is you'll want your hat snug enough so that the wind won't immediately take it off your head, but not constricting--you don't want to get a headache! You'll also generally be able to still pass your finger between the brim of the hat and the top of your ear. If it's sitting too high, it's too small. Too low and pushing down your ears? Too big! For rounded crown, floppy straw summer hats for women, the nature of that crown style is meant to hug the head, and while the more feminine styles will generally be limited sizing or OSFM (one size fits most,) they often will have hidden ribbons and ties to be able to adjust the fit small as needed.

Something else folks will find themselves debating is of course what styles to wear depending on their face shape. Here's an easy breakdown to consider to help guide you through the various styles because we know it can be a lot!

  • Round Face: Hats with pinched crowns and medium to wide brims like fedoras or safari brim fedoras and other outdoor styles tends to suit round faces well. Cloches and pork pies can also play well to your features if you want  to try a shorter brim style.
  • Oval Face: Lucky you! Most straw hat styles complement oval faces.
  • Square Face: Hats with rounded crowns and wider brims, like cloches, bowlers, floppy brim sun hats complement and soften your features, as well as medium to wide brim fedoras.
  • Heart-Shaped Face: Like oval faces, you can play with a lot of different styles. Pork pies, trilbys, fedoras--generally anything with a medium brim will be a great starting point to finding where you want to go.
  • Oblong Face: Balance proportions with hats featuring shorter crowns, and avoid tall, tapered pinched crowns because those will only elongate your features. Medium to wide brimmed hats like fedoras, safari fedoras, and floppy wide brim sun hats are all great choices. 
  • Thin Face: Medium to short brim styles will help elevate your style without hiding you under the hat. With thin faces, you don't want to wear hats with wide brims because they can be overwhelming, so shorter styles like pork pies, trilbys, stingy brim fedoras, buckets will tend to work better. 

Details, Details

So, you've at least found where you want to start with your hat, and maybe even found one to make your main seasonal look!

Now... what about flair?

This is wearer's choice. Did you go with bright seasonal pops of color with brilliantly dyed straws or do you prefer flexibility with a neutral or natural straw color? Even then, don't feel like you're lacking in ways to further elevate your hat's look!

Ladies, if you have a cute sash scarf you wore during the spring, tying it on over an existing band and letting the bow's tie trail down your back can add an instant romantic and cute touch to not only a beach look, but any outing from winery to shopping downtown paired with a fun sundress. We also carry replacement hat bands for any gentlemen wanting to give a whole new look to their straw porkpies, fedoras and trilbys as well as feathers to really give that extra touch of style.

Whichever way you go, we hope you enjoy styling and wearing your new straw summer hat from us this year!


If you have any questions about fit and styling, definitely reach out to our customer service at 888-999-HATS (4287) or by email at Or better yet, if you're in the Annapolis area come see us at 103 Main Street