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Big Brim Hats Big Brim Hats Big Brim Hats

Big Brim Hats

A sensible summertime staple, the big brim hat is designed to help add class and sophistication to any outfit. Ideal for shading your face from harmful UV rays, big brim hats are popular hats for horse races, beach days or nights out on the town. These trendy yet classic hats feature brims as long as 6 inches and feature structured, floppy and upturned brims for a dramatic yet tasteful finishing touch. These hats are made for the lady who wants to emulate Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

We carry women’s wide brim hats by top hat brands like Giovannio, Betmar, Eric Javits, Christine A. Moore and Belfry that come in tons of colors, materials, styles and sizes. Because these big hats are most often associated with warm-weather wear, we carry straw big brim hats, raffia hats and paper braid hats that are both formal and casual. Finished with sweet adornments like flowers, extra-large bows, ribbon embellishments and feathers, you’re sure to find a look at Hats in the Belfry that completes your big brim vision.