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Kentucky Derby: Womens Guide
We aren't afraid to go for those truly fun and embellished looks at Hats In The Belfry. We appreciate hats that are not just functional but fashionable, and love when we can help you accentuate the way your own style dances to the beat of its own drum. What better place for this than the Kentucky Derby? A derby outfit is incomplete without a little flair, after all. It adds all the right pizazz to a day of festive fun!     
A Garden of Hats for the Perfect Garden Party!
Should you find yourself invited to attend a garden party, or even feel driven to host, but have little idea where to start, let us be your guide with a quick bit of history, some savvy on the dress code, and where to get started with a handful from the array you will find with us here at Hats in the Belfry!
Derby Styles & The Tradition of Wearing Over-The-Top Hats
Today, the Kentucky Derby is still known for its over-the-top hats and fascinators, with many people aiming to outdo each other regarding the most outrageous headwear. As a result, it's become a staple of the event, with many people creating their own hats and fascinators for the function. 
Fabulous Fascinators: Small Hat Styles that Will Dazzle at the Races
While the Kentucky Derby often brings forth visions of elaborate and fanciful hats, an equally compelling option we often urge our customers to consider are fabulous fascinators! They come in as wide an array of styles as their hat counterparts, ranging  from the elegant to the edgy and whimsical, so they are perfect for those that want to still show off their trendiness at the tracks without relying on a hat. Are you properly fascinated by the prospect of fascinators yet? Good! Let's take a look at the range you can find with us to help get you started. 
Off to the Races! The History of Kentucky Derby Hats
With the Kentucky Derby and its filly race counterpart the Kentucky Oaks, there is a long and evolving history of fashion from its traditional morning dress to more modern extravagant and fun showcasing. Ever since its inception, there's no doubt the races have been a place to put your best foot--and hat--forward!
What Hats Do I Wear to the Preakness
The time of year is finally upon us when people start to think seriously what hat they are going to wear to the Preakness. The number and style of men’s hats are vast on their own, and the nitty gritty of what is correct and what is not is a little more vague, so for the sake of this article we are going to focus on classic women’s hats for the Preakness.
Why Do People Wear Hats at the Kentucky Derby?
The image of the Kentucky Derby is inexorably tied to hats. From it’s inception in 1875, the Kentucky Derby has been presented as a very special event, inspired by British horse racing, and every effort has been made since then to model the event after our continental, hat-wearing, horse racing, cousins. In many ways, the tradition of wearing hats to the Kentucky Derby has survived better than most hat wearing traditions in the United States, with attendees putting tremendous time and effort into their selection. 
Designer Spotlight: Giovannio Hats
A longtime partner of Hats in the Belfry, Giovannio hats is an important part of our collection, and adds welcome variety to the spring/ summer options. The history of Giovannio is a long one, a history that respects the tradition of hats, and loves fine textiles. They provide a good product at an excellent price, and continue to be a lasting addition to our collection. The Giovannio styling is distinctive, but classic, and defines itself well. Despite the unique Giovannio style, they manage to provide a hat for any level of dress or occassion, making their hats a valuable addition to any hat owner’s collection, regardless of the need of the wearer.
Kentucky Derby Fashion
The Kentucky Derby is, in some ways, the Southern version of New York’s Fashion Week. Known as much for its horses as it is for its spectators’ lavish and elaborate hats, the Kentucky Derby is indeed the most exciting two minutes in sports and style. The ladies’ oversized and over-embellished hats are accompanied by authentic Southern Belle dresses dripping with bright colors and layers of accessories. Men also get the chance to show their sense of style with brightly colored khaki, linen and seersucker suits.
Style Guide: Kentucky Derby Hats for Men
Before you place your first bet or sip a mint julep, make sure that you are dressed the part for this year’s Kentucky Derby. When planning your trip to Louisville, get a classic hat to top off the rest of your ensemble. Hats in the Belfry has a range of classic styles that will pair brilliantly with your loafers and hiked-up pants. Here are some classic and fresh ideas to spruce up your week at the races.
Hats in the Belfry's Derby/Preakness 2018 Media Blitz
It’s that time of year where the temperature warms, hats bloom at the Triple Crown races and Hats in the Belfry’s General Manager of E-Commerce Keith Pfeffer makes the rounds on television newscasts spreading the word. “Dress hats for weddings, garden parties, graduations and the Preakness…it’s my Christmas,” beams Keith.


Keith has again maintained a full media blitz in 2018 with appearances on:

  • WUSA 9 in Washington D.C. with Markette Sheppard and Kirsten Berset
Men’s Kentucky Derby Hat Guide 2018
With the Kentucky Derby fast approaching, it’s time to top off your Derby day look with one of our fashionable hat finds. Whether you’re a seasoned or first time race attendee, we’ve rounded up our best selling 2018 men’s Derby hats for our fashion forward fellas.
Big Brim for the Big Race: Gorgeous Ladies’ Derby Hats

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn at this year’s Kentucky Derby and be the talk of Louisville. Hats are the defining apparel for the Derby and one of the most fun parts about planning your trip. A big brim hat is the ultimate in sophistication and style. Rotate your large hat with your pillboxes and fascinators, or bring a variety of big brim hats to draw attention at every event. Before you arrive in Kentucky, make sure that your wardrobe is on point.