Collection Spotlight: Bailey 1922

Collection Spotlight: Bailey 1922

Established in 1922, Bailey has been a premier provider of headwear ranging from western style staples to trendy classics embodying the breadth of West Coast fashion. 

This year, we're happy to provide a staple run of their Bailey 1922 collection, all handmade here in the USA! Let's break them down, so you can see what all the hype is about!

All Weather Fashion

While wool and fur felts are naturally water resistant, they aren't fully water repellant.

Not without a bit of help, at least.

This is where innovative LiteFelt® comes in. This special deluxe wool finish created by Bollman Hat Company in the 1980s not only helps make the hat water repellant, but also retain its shape when crushed, making styles utilizing this felt perfect every day and travel companions. 

Our two fashion forward LiteFelt® styles from Bailey this year are the Kinns and Syden

Kinns Bailey 1922 Red hat

With a grosgrain band sporting crossed accents with a striking black feather against its autumnal rosewood felt body, the Kinns is an immediate fall favorite. Comfortable to wear with a  4" teardrop crown, you can also have a lot of fun playing with how you snap its classic 2 7/8" fedora brim--whether you like to keep it casual as-is and popped back of the head, or maybe dressed up and snapped down in the front.

If you're a fan of breaking the mold a bit, you can even pull some "hattitude" doing an asymmetrical one side up, the other snapped for a fully dynamic flow (a personal favorite)! 

Syden nude brimmed hat

Like the Kinns, the Syden sports a teardrop crown, with a layered leather and grosgrain band instead that is accented with a Bailey signature vintage styled floor nail. It also boasts a slightly taller crown at 4 1/2" and wider, curled brim measuring at 3 1/4", treading more into a modern western style and a touch more of a rugged edge. Its warm Italian clay color is a perfect multiseasonal hue to boot, whether embracing autumn, staying warm through winter, or brightening up your look in the early spring. 

Both come sized from small to extra-large, making them perfectly unisex and ready to be dressed up or down depending on your personal style and needs. 

Elite Finish and Trim

What if wool felt held the same luxurious feel that fur felt did?

Crafted from exceptionally fine wool fibers, that's exactly what the Elite Finish Bailey utilizes does, giving their hats like the Colver an exceptional feel. 

Colver bailey 1922 grey hat

We've introduced the Colver is three classy colors, the Honey, Avion, and Black, making sure any need to be had is covered in a sleek fall and winter look. The Colver's Elite Finish is also stiffened, leaning into a western edge of style but also ensuring prolonged integrity of the hat's shape.

While you can't snap the brim like a softer finished fedora, it is trimmed in a fine Japanese grosgrain band and like the Syden, paired with a rustic accent of the vintage floor nail. Along with its peaked teardrop crown, it is a hat that effortlessly holds a lot of class in the fine lines of its silhouette, making it hard to go wrong topping off your attire!

Like the Kinns and Syden, the Colver is available sized small through extra-large, and gives a lot of room to personalize the look of the hat to really make it your own! 


Curious and ready to get your hands on one of these new, fantastic Bailey styles? Or have any questions about fit? Feel free to contact our Customer Service at 888-999-HATS (4287) or email us at Better yet, really want to check out the feel of the Elite Finish? Come visit us in Annapolis at 103 Main Street! We'll look forward to seeing you!