Bulk Orders

Here at Hats in the Belfry, we understand that often times the needs of a customer ordering in bulk are very different than the needs of our regular customers. Companies, schools, and organizations that want to use our hats for their various events may require additional assistance from our customer service and we encourage you to email hats@hatsinthebelfry so we can better help with your order.

What is considered a bulk order?

We immediately consider an order a bulk order when the customer orders 6 or more of the same item or multiple oversized items. 

Discounts & Shipping Rates

We encourage any customer ordering more than 6 items to call to see if they qualify for a bulk order discount. Specific shipping rates will be calculated by our special order representative and quoted to you before final purchase based on order size and delivery requirements. If a  bulk order is purchased through the website it may be subject to a change in initially stated shipping rates, in which the customer will be notified before the order is shipped.