Hat University

Hats in the Belfry’s Hat University

Ever wonder the difference between “hat” and “cap?” Want to know the proper way to measure your head for a perfect hat fit? Take a class in all things hats at Hats in the Belfry’s Hat University. We’re a great resource for hat fanatics and hat-lovers who live and breathe hats as well as those who just want bare-bones hats information on things like the hat sizing, hat cleaning, and hat etiquette. When you study up at the Hat University, you’ll graduate with honors with a shiny new hat degree.

Hats 101: Learn The Hat Basics

  • Hat Sizing — Learn the inside-scoop about how hats are sized, how to choose the right hat size and get head measuring tips in this hat sizing course.
  • Hat Etiquette — To remove the hat or not to remove the hat, that is the question. Bone up on your hat-iquette to make sure you’re always prim and proper.
  • Hat Glossary — What is a porkpie hat, exactly? You’ll learn that and more in our thorough list of hat style definitions and terms.

Expert Tips for Practical Hat-Wearers

  • Fighting Hat Head — Step out in style free of hat hair with this hat head prevention guide from Hats in the Belfry’s style-focused experts.
  • Myth Busters 400 — Did you know that wearing a hat doesn’t actually cause hair loss? Put this old wives’ tale to bed along with a slew of others with this list of hat myths.