Fabulous Fascinators: Small Hat Styles that Will Dazzle at the Races

While the Kentucky Derby often brings forth visions of elaborate and fanciful hats, an equally compelling option we often urge our customers to consider are fabulous fascinators!  

Fascinators come in as wide an array of styles as their hat counterparts, ranging from the elegant to the edgy and whimsical, so they are perfect for those that want to still show off their trendiness at the tracks without relying on a hat--whether because you aren't particularly keen on how a hat feels on your head, or if you're trying to be mindful of the weather--because what Derby hasn't had the threat of rain in the forecast, right?

They're also a nice alternative if you're planning on attending both the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby, and already plan to wear a hat to one of the races thus wishing to change it up for the other!

Are you properly fascinated by the prospect of fascinators yet?


Let's take a look at the range you can find with us to help get you started. 




Refined Statements

Fascinators like our Belfry Simona bring the past forward in sleek, 1920s Parisian-inspired refinement. While styles like this may carry delicate details with the occasional wisp of feather and rosette mesh, it keeps a smaller silhouette so as to not hide you as you wear it. Its thin, stretchy band is easily obscured by your hair too, giving a stunning look as if it's floating perfectly poised however you decide to set it. Similar styles may also sometimes come with clips and combs, so keep an eye out if your prefer such to other fascinators that come with headbands!

Minimalist Elegance


Fascinators like the Maeve from Giovannio carry elegance in their otherwise minimalistic flair. Drama is retained with sheer veils at very asymmetrical angles, leading to the elegant curl of quills and bows. In soft solids, these types of fascinators are perfect for when you wish to wear elaborate patterns in your dress or suit, complementing you as you take in the sights and festivities at the races.

Whimsical and Bright

Candy fascinator

If you want that bright and colorful pop, fascinators like the Candy from Giovannio give a whimsical, joyful spray of multicolored feathers, bringing with them the sense of the beautiful spring and early summer season, and most importantly: fun. These fascinators are indeed often fascinating from any angle you look at them, and are meant to be the focal point of your look, so will often be paired with solid color attire to really help them shine!



Romantic Allure


What would a Run for the Roses be like without the allure of rosy, romantic touches? With curling, breezy lines, and soft feathers likened into flowers, the Florette from our Emma B by Giovannio collection is one prime example of adding a beautifully feminine touch to your race day look. The Florette in particular also floats the line between fascinator and hat (we call them "hatinators") so if you couldn't choose between a fascinator or a hat, it has the best of both worlds!

Regardless of which way you wish to go, we hope you enjoy your day at the races, or any other event you may find yourself wanting to embrace the look of one of our fabulous fascinators!