Fresh Fall Looks From Italy!

Fresh Fall Looks From Italy!

Fall is here, and everywhere you look, the season is in full swing. While warm temperatures linger during the day for a few more weeks yet in some areas, the nights are starting to promise the cooler months that will come.

Even here at Hats in the Belfry, we have been eagerly awaiting and excitedly receiving our new felts and tweeds from Italy, and--can we just say how excited we are for this collection?

So much so that we absolutely had to share some of our first fall looks, fresh in for the season. 

In the Details

For fans of hats with an eye for detail and flair, our Complit collection this year is a great starting point of playful slips of leather and defined trims. 

The Belfry Palmira styles its sleek fedora cut with leather accents styled in a fanciful bow, giving fair coverage from the sun through the fall and winter, but aiming to do so without sacrificing even an ounce of style. If you're more inclined to stingier brims and want to keep the fedora styled pinch crown, the Belfry Zita trims it back into a swanky asymmetrical trilby cut with an added metal accent to the velvet band in lieu of a classic bow. 

Fancy a boater? (Yes, in felt!) Our Belfry Evelina comes in a beautiful bordeaux as well as black, paired with a contrasting leather accent to its felt band which continues the ivory highlights in detailed stitching. Rest it forward for coverage, or pop it back to silhouette your face--it's got a lot of potential and fun to be had dressing up or down. 

It's also the perfect time for a tam beret! Hand-painted, wearable art like our Belfry Verrazza is hard to pass up, and no two are exactly alike. The Belfry Anselma meanwhile adds a touch of bling with its metallic sequined accent and contrasting texture with the suede ribbons defining its shape. 

Outdoor Ready

Weather-ready styles are our favorite daily companions when it comes to habitual hat happenings, so what better way to stay covered through rain, snow, or sun than our Tesi collection, which provides some of the best curated companions for your seasonal needs!

Safari brimmed hats like the Belfry Masetti offer a soft and flexible fit that offer day-to-day comfort in wear with added security from the added benefit of also coming extensively sized. If you're especially concerned with the sun during the colder months, you can rest easy knowing its 3" brim will provide a fair bit of coverage to help you out. (Remember our blog, "Why You Should Wear a Hat During Summer"? Check it out if you haven't!) Both the Masetti and its counterpart, the Belfry Benigno come with a tri-color leather band as well to keep them relevant to any attire you desire to flaunt that day. 

For a slightly trimmed back look, and maybe for some nice pops of color, the Belfry Stefani and Belfry Perussi are solid choices in their warm wine and light blue hues. Their suede leather bands come with their own touch of detailing in the accented stitching, but are downplayed enough if you prefer a more discrete band style. 

As with the Masetti, they're crafted out of Merino wool and are naturally weather resistant, but if you're looking for a hat that has been treated to go a bit beyond into fuller weather repellency, the Belfry Zacheo is right up your alley. It comes in a camel, loden, black, and navy.

Stringy Brim Style

A favorite we enjoy having in our arsenal is a solid stingy brim due to its flexibility in being worn casually, as well as for events where a dressier look needs to be topped off with a bit of style. 

For brim lovers, very little beats a classic pork pie adding a bit of jazz to your look. The Belfry Sevena with its warm light gray tone looks just as fitting paired with a graphic tee and jacket as it does a nice sweater or featured with a suit. Its diamond shaped crown gives a more narrowed look than the telescope crown of its peers like the Belfry Gravina, which presents as a wider set look. This is handy of you're used to wearing pinched crowns, and we've found a fair few of our fedora lovers like the look when they're wanting to branch out. 

Speaking of fedoras though, we highly suggest styles like the Belfry Moreni! It maintains its ability to have the brim snapped to your personal preference, and its layered band gives it a depth of detail without making it feel like strictly a dress hat. It's a very approachable hat for those who love the look of fedoras, but don't always want to feel like they absolutely have to be dressed up to wear one.   

Capping It Off

Finally, we just wanted to share our latest shipment of caps!

Fresh online and in-store, we have a whole new slew of expanded newsies and six panels, as well as flat cap styles ready to see you looking your best this season!

For the paneled cap connoisseur, we have six panels like the Belfry Renzo to keep a sleek and trim look while being riddled with fun details. Its nail head pattern of black and taupe is accented with black leather trimming the bill. For added luxury, it's made of a wool and cashmere blend, keeping it soft while also promising to make sure you stay warm. 

A fan of corduroy? Our Belfry Gremio is the latest of our fuller 8 panel newsboys, perfect for any gentleman or lady who loves to add a textural element to their look. For those wanting further staples, we also offer the Belfry Fico and Belfry Lapo that reads initially as a solid, but upon closer inspection as subtle traces of color in the material, giving its wearer room to play with what it's paired with!

If you prefer the trim look of an ivy flat cap, the Belfry Sigfrido boasts neutral tones with subtle pops of color in its nail head pattern, with the added accenting of the leather bill and a function-friendly belt loop snap so you don't lose your cap warming up at the local pub. (Listen, with the stories we've heard, better safe than sorry in making sure your cap doesn't try to run off with out you!)


So what do you think? Excited as we are to don a new, swanky felt or tweed cap? If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at 888-999-HATS (4287) or via email at Also feel free to come visit us in Annapolis at 103 Main Street!