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Hat Brands For Men

Hat Brands For Men

Men have a variety of ways they want to identify themselves from one day to another. Some prefer the classic look with their fedora or top hat; others like the more relaxed feel of slouching on the beach in a straw boater or even something as informal as baseball caps. There are many, many hats for every occasion. So why not be bold and creative in selecting one?

At Hats In The Belfry, we bring you the best hat brands in the world, including our Belfry brand from the best milliners in Italy. We partner with some of the most talented hatmakers like StetsonTesiWigensGuerra 1855, and Sorbatti to offer our customers handcrafted hats made by master artisans.

Whatever your style preference, Hats In The Belfry has a selection of hat styles for you - whether it's a Panama, a bucket or a bowler, a flat cap, or a trilby, flat cap, we're sure to have something that will suit you perfectly. And don't forget about the Belfry Italia, an exclusive collection of hats that don't exist elsewhere!

Exclusive Men's Hat Brand Made For YOU!

Hats In The Belfry is proud to introduce the Belfry collection of handcrafted men's hats made exclusively by the masters of their trade. These handmade hats combine the best qualities of Italian millinery and American ingenuity to provide you with an authentic Italian experience without leaving your home. 

Belfry's unique line of hats offer contemporary and classic styles with various materials, including straw, wool felt, silk and leather. All Belfry products are designed and crafted with meticulous attention to detail; every piece is hand-finished with 100% cotton twill thread. Hats In The Belfry are made for those who know quality when they see it. We pride ourselves on crafting only the finest products for discerning men.

At Hats In The Belfry, we understand what makes men unique. And our goal is to create hats that bring out the true man inside. If you're looking for something extra special or just a fun gift idea for yourself or someone else, we have a large assortment of stylish new-era capshats, and headwear for wearing on every occasion.

Hats For Every Occasion: From the Beach to the Sporting Event

Hats In The Belfry offers the perfect blend of timeless beauty and versatility. With over 200 different hats to choose from and an inventory of fresh new styles arriving weekly, you're bound to find the right hat for whatever you need it for - no matter where you go.

Worn from the boardwalk to the ball game, beach to barbeque, work to weekend, Hats In The Belfry can help you make your mark. Our hats are available in a variety of patterns and brim configurations. We carry all types of straw, felt, wool felt, natural fiber, and synthetic fiber hats.

It could be an elegant top hat with a satin band and bow; a simple straw fedora with a leather band and snap-brim; a bucket hat with wide brims, or maybe a wide-brimmed sunhat with a relaxed tropical feel. Whatever your style preference, we guarantee that we have a hat that will fit your needs and look so good that you'll want to wear it every day.

With an assortment ranging from retro to contemporary silhouettes, each has its personality and character. Our hats reflect the same attributes that make you exceptional: confidence, courage, and independence.

Shop Best Men's Hats Online

The hat world is filled with creative visionaries who have been able to transform their ideas into wearable art that reflects their personalities. From the most fashionable trendsetter to the most laid-back guy in town, our broad range of men's hat brands is sure to meet everyone's expectations. Hats In The Belfry offers an extensive hat style selection with a great mix of trendy and traditional looks. Our hats reflect that uniqueness, too.

With so many men's hat stores in the United States, no one has ever attempted to create exclusive collections of hats from scratch. At Hats In The Belfry, we take pride in creating hats as individuals would like them to be.

Each hat brand at belfry hats features a distinctive collection of hats representing a specific mood or theme. These themes include vintage Americana, bohemian, cowboy, country western, desert, gothic, hunting, military, nautical, pirate, rockabilly, safari, sport, and more.

Each of these themes comes with its own designs, colors, textures, and fabrics. In addition, each brand also produces a series of hats inspired by famous characters and celebrities.

Check out our latest arrivals and browse our catalogs featuring every type of men's hat imaginable.