How To Pack A Panama Hat

How do you pack a Panama Straw hat? Good Question. Let's review. 

Panama hats are generally made from woven straw material that’s known to compress without compromising the material or shape of the hat. This makes Panama hats great for travel, but you should follow these tips on how to pack a Panama hat to ensure that you don’t affect the hat’s permanent shape or quality.

First, you’ll want to turn down the brim on your Panama hat to create a flat-brimmed appearance. Next, carefully push out the crown and fold the hat in half. You'll want to follow the natural creases of the hat while avoiding any kind of crushing of the brim. 

You can also pack your Panama hat without folding it by creating a nest of clothes for it to sit in. The bowl-shaped crown on a Panama hat is great for storing small, clean necessities, like socks and swimsuits.

Finally, you can use a travel hat box. This option will ensure your hat makes it safely to it's destination in it's original condition. The best travel hat box will have enough structure to allow you to tote your hat, or hats, on your travels without worry. A hat box is not just handy for travel. It can also serve as a perfect hat storage box, protecting your hat from the dust and moisture while not being worn. 

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