bundle of handmade hats from Ferruccio Vecchi

Introducing Ferruccio Vecchi

Assortment of hats - one light blue, one green, one cream with hand painted black details, the last solid black with a black and white knit tie

The story of Ferruccio Vecchi began more than forty years ago in the small town of Marche, which has manufactured hats for two centuries. The tradition and knowledge of this craft has been handed down for four generations from Ferruccio to Romano, Ferruccio, and now Francesca Vecchi. Like many manufacturers in the area the Vecchi family began by producing straw hats and eventually introduced a wide range of quality materials for all seasons like their rich wools for Fall/ Winter. 


Emilia Black Fedora with neck tie 

The Belfry Emilia is classically designed in a safari silhouette, with a patterned wrap tie envelops the ears and neck for protection against the cold and an extra touch of style. 


While much has remained unchanged, and their products are still made by hand in Italy with the same craftsmanship, the Ferruccio Vecchi designs are always looking towards the future. They are on a constant search for new and alternative source materials and developing new dye techniques and treatments. Current options include natural dyes and hand painted designs that showcase the natural richness of the wool, fabric or straw body of the hats. 



Conca hand painted Fedora

The Belfry Conca is a wide brim wool Fedora with hand painted swaths of black in an artistic design and finished with a brown leather hat band, accented with black leather tails and metal caps.


Francesca describes their current line as "The perfect combination of tradition and experimentation, the collection mixes the latest fashion trends with sophisticated materials. New is the use of costume jewelry to embellish the hats; a removable seal that can also be used as a necklace or bracelet. The intent is to offer the customer the opportunity to have a versatile accessory with a double use". 



Dolce grey Fedora with rhinestone band

The Belfry Dolcedo is a wool felt hat with a special cold dye treatment that gives the garment a washed-out look banded by a necklace with multicolor rhinestones.


Now, these are just a few reason we love the hats created by Ferruccio Vecchi but that is not the only reason we love them. The family are amazing partners who share our vision and value the great importance of interpersonal relationships with suppliers, customers, and the workers who work within the company. "For us, human contact and collaboration within the entire production chain are fundamental". 

We couldn't have said it better ourselves!


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