Big Brim for the Big Race: Gorgeous Ladies’ Derby Hats

Big Brim for the Big Race: Gorgeous Ladies’ Derby Hats

Find Some Structure 

In the realm of big brim hats, you have several key options. Opt for a stiff, structured hat that can be worn straight on or tilted to the side. Floppy hats add a casual elegance to any outfit and easily transition into the evening hours. Hats in the Belfry also offers classic upturned hats that are flattering for any face shape.

Add a Feminine Touch

The options for adorning these types of hats are endless. Browse our selection to discover options like floppy satin bows and floral elements. Work with a varied color scheme or keep everything monochromatic. If large bows and ribbons are not your style, choose a style with chic netting for an upscale approach.

Stay Cool in the Heat

In addition to cooling off with sips of bourbon and iced tea, add some built-in shade with a straw brim hat. Many of our hats are designed for summer and made from materials like Panama straw, raffia and linen. After showing off your style at the Derby, these hats will transform into the perfect beach hat for the rest of the season. Shade your face from harmful rays with one of these big brim hats.

Transition to Night

Avoid a trip to your hotel after the races with one of our hats that will transition seamlessly from day to night. As the events of the day wind down, get ready for a night on the town or at a delectable restaurant with a hat that will be perfectly appropriate.