Woman on pier with hat

Don't Sweat It! What To Wear If You're A Heavy Perspirer

With the passing of midsummer, we've entered the Hot As Heck territory of summer, giving ample reason to cling to the bubbles of air conditioning inside or seeking out beaches and poolsides to beat the heat and still enjoy the season. 

This is also the time of year we get the most calls and questions concerning what hats are safe to wear and won't wear out if you're a heavy perspirer. 

Well, don't sweat it!

… At least in that regard. 

Here are some suggestions for hat materials that can handle the heat with you, as well as some quick tips and reminders on hat care to help you out. 


Things to consider in the materials of your hat are absorption and breathability. We tend to recommend natural straws and materials because of this instead of paper straws, so avoid toyo, shantung, and anything else labelled as a paper.

Raffia is naturally resistant to water and fairly durable as a material to begin with, making it one of our top straw choices during the summer to begin with, and crocheted crowns as seen in the Belfry Donato and the fully crocheted Belfry Gabriele will help with supplying airflow through the crown to aid in keeping you cool. 

An alternative is seagrass, which is highly absorbent as well. An added perk to seagrass is it's rarely ever bleached or colored, so if you're worried about staining in any fashion showing, odds are you'll find it way harder to see in the natural green and browns of the straw. The Belfry Tito is a prime example of a good seagrass safari, providing coverage while also utilizing its more rustic weave to allow airflow through the crown and letting the straw tend to any moisture concerns. 

If you prefer something not a straw, and are more comfortable cleaning such after the fact, maybe look into linen. Linen is naturally moisture wicking to begin with, so if you're sweating it will absorb and typically dry faster than cottons. Our Belfry Tanaro keeps the coverage of a safari style blocking, but offers up the handy quirks of linen if you're looking for coverage, or for something with a focus more on having fun with style, it's hard to go wrong with a porkpie like the Belfry Reno


A general rule of thumb whether you're a delicate glistener or a heavy perspirer  is keeping up with your hat's maintenance. 

If you've had a long day in the sun's heat, it's better to make sure you give the inner band a once over and spot clean it with some diluted detergent (1:3 ratio of detergent to water generally) and letting it dry. Trust us--the less funky you let your inner band be, the happier your hat in general, because you won't be letting oil and ick just build up. 

For more in-depth coverage of upkeeping your hat, definitely check out our blog about straw hat care and cleaning or for other materials, our general hat care guide found here!


As always, if you have any questions or concerns about any of the hats you might be considering, feel free to reach out to us! You can get in touch with our customer service at 888-999-HATS (4287) or email directly to hats@hatsinthebelfry.com. Want to shop in person? Visit us in Annapolis at 103 Main Street! We'd love to see you!