Top Italian-Style Hats for Women

Top Italian-Style Hats for Women

A Selection of Our Best Italian-Style Women's Hats

While we could write a small novella about our "Made in Italy" collection, here are a few selections from Belfry Italia to give you some hat-themed wardrobe inspiration.  

When it comes to "Made in Italy," our Belfry Italia Aria Wool Cloche is chic and adorable. This supple wool blend cloche will keep your head warm when temperatures drop. The Italian design accents, along with the buttons and fluffy felt flower on the hatband, add contrast to the Italia Aria. This hat is comfy to wear and also makes a noticeable fashion statement.

Looking for a new take on traditional black and white hat patterns? Our Italia Ilaria Linen Small Brim Hat is a stylish Italian linen kettle-style hat with a simple, yet elegant black and beige eye-catching floral printed design. The tan and silverish grosgrain ribbon and knotted rosettes give the Italia Ilaria an extra bit of flair that announces to the world that the woman wearing this hat pays attention to the little (fashion) details in her life.

If searching for a bit of flamboyant Italian style, you can't go wrong with the Belfry Italia Elba Wool Flat Brim Fedora. The artistry that went into the creation of this contemporary black wide brim fedora stands out. The large and vibrant painted flower, which extends from the round telescope crown and bends across the brim, makes this hat pop with color despite the black silhouette. If you're feeling playful, slip this fedora on to let the world know how confident you are in your choice of Italian-style hats.

As you can see, the variety of modish hats "Made in Italy" Belfry Italia has created is vast. The examples above are just a small taste of the different kinds of hats we have waiting for you. We've designed hats with Italian accents (made by actual Italian artisans) for different seasons and settings (fancy galas or a day at the beach). These gorgeous hats come in many colors, for casual or more formal settings.

We love our Italian style women's hats, and we hope you do as well.