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Fedora Hats

Fedora Hats

The fedora hat has long been an iconic hat style gaining cultural popularity from the Frank Sinatra era. It has since solidified its position in the fashion world for both men and women to wear. The diversity of fedoras allows for wearability on any occasion ranging from casual to formal occasions providing an instant boost of confidence and mystery to any ensemble.

At Hats In The Belfry, we pride ourselves on creating uniquely creative USA and Italian-made fedoras from innovative blends of straw, wool, leather and fur felt fabrics that feature water-repellant materials and fine cotton blends. Each fedora is handcrafted by our skilled artisans with fine details and embroidery to create unique hat styles to adorn any outfit.

Fedora Styles

Fedora hats for men come in many styles, including classic and wide-brim fedoras in a variety of materials such as straw and wool, with various embellishments giving each hat its own personality. While each hat will have its own unique flair, every classic fedora hat will have the signature tear drop crown shape with a medium-width brim. These hats will be within both mens fedora hats range and the women's.

The men's fedora is often confused with the classic trilby, but the difference is in the brims. While they both have a tear drop crown shape, fedoras are known for having a wide brim compared to the familiar trilby design, which sports a narrower brim.

What Type of Man Wears a Fedora Hat?

Fedora hats are for men that embody confidence. Men's fedoras have been iconic accessories decade after decade, with notable fashion references from the 1920s gangster era to Sinatra's Hollywood Rat Pack and now popular musicians, including Jason Mraz. Regardless of your personal style, Hats In The Belfry is sure to have the perfect fedora hat to suit your style and spruce up your wardrobe. Whether paired with a dress suit or pair of jeans this classic completes the look that will have heads turning.

The Italian Craftsmanship Difference

Many of our women's and men's fedora hats are crafted in Italy. Hats In The Belfry is the only US-based brand that travels to Italy to design and execute exclusive styles, including the iconic men's fedora hat. The Italians pride themselves on their timeless fashion traditions in not only style and design but also personal and artisanal craftsmanship. Their dedication to the craft is the essence of our philosophy at Hats In The Belfry, which provides our clients with a wide selection of handmade fedoras and other types of hats that will last a lifetime.

Every hat is carefully crafted with high-end fabrics and materials from exclusive Italian textiles and handcrafted by individual artisans offering our clients a luxury Italian experience for wearing as a timeless fashion staple.

Join the Belfry Family!

We believe that hats are an extension of your personality and encourage you to explore different styles for different occasions. Browse our online shop of men's fedora hats to see what style speaks to you. If you would prefer to visit us in person, our shop is located at 103 Main Street, Annapolis, MD 21401. For any other assistance, feel free to call us at 888-999-4287 or send us an email at hats@hatsinthebelfry.com.

We can't wait for you to explore our collection of handmade Italian fedora hats to find your favorite hat style and join the Belfry family!