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Derby Bowler Hats

The Hat that Never Went out of Style

Looking for a hat that never goes out of style? The classic bowler hat or derby hat is right up your alley. This sleek look is perfect for the man who appreciates a stylish wardrobe complete with elegant accessories. At Hats in the Belfry, you’ll find a selection of the best derby hats for men, including dapper, dressy styles and laid-back options alike.

A Reputation for Elegance

The men’s bowler hat is a classic look that’s managed to stay relevant among other hat designs over the years. These iconic toppers, sometimes called “derby hats,” gained prominence in the mid-1800s and were worn by everyone from well-groomed business magnates to those in the American working class. Because of this, men’s bowler hats remained a staple for all seasons and occasions throughout the centuries.

The men’s derby hat is defined by its distinctive rounded crown — iconic, indeed! — and hard felt brim. Often times, derby hats are left completely unadorned, but our selection includes varieties embellished with subtle accessories such as removable feathers and buttoned bowties, allowing you to personalize your bowler hat as you please. Whether you’re looking for a green felt derby hat for your Irish-inspired ensemble or want an all-black style for everyday wear, you’ll find it here.

Modern Updates to a Classic

Modern men’s bowler hats are appropriate for everyone from high-style hipsters to those who want to add a sophisticated touch to their ensemble. At Hats in the Belfry, we carry men’s bowler hats that are affordable but don’t compromise on quality or style. Available hat features include 100 percent wool felt, wool or fur felt body construction, interior liners and, in some cases, built-in sweatbands that wick away moisture for comfortable all-day wear.

Our men’s bowler hats for sale include everything from timeless classic black bowler hats to colorful version that really help you stand out in any season. For example, a wool felt derby hat is ideal for cool-weather wear, while a straw derby hat offers a light, summery feel that keeps you comfortable in hot weather. Explore all of our timeless derby hats for men for sale at Hats in the Belfry for a style that’s all you.

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