Hats: The Statistics on Who Wears What!

Hats: The Statistics on Who Wears What!

Nothing can make a fashion statement quite like a well-chosen hat. With their long history and widespread cultural significance, hats have been a fashion staple for centuries. Hats can instantly change an outfit's look, and a great hat can be the cherry on top of a perfect ensemble.

Hats come in various styles and materials, and each can add a unique flair to an outfit. For centuries, hats were often associated with certain professions or social classes. For example, a bowler hat was popular with bankers in the 19th century, while a top hat was often worn by the wealthy.

Today, hats are more often used as a fashion accessory than as a sign of social status. While certain styles may be more popular with certain groups, they are worn by people of all ages and backgrounds. Different hats are suitable for different occasions, and knowing which hat to wear is an important part of fashion etiquette. Additionally, certain hats are better suited for different face shapes and hairstyles.

This article will cover the most popular hat styles for different age groups and provide tips on determining the best hat for you. This will give you an overview of the options available and help you make the right selection when completing your outfit.

What Hats Are Most Popular And Common Among Different People?

There are many types of hats to choose from, and people often have their own preferences when it comes to style. Some of the most popular hats among different age groups include:


Wide-brimmed hats, fedoras, cloches, berets, sun hats, and fascinators--even flat caps and newsboys!

Women of all ages can wear any of these hats to complete a look. Depending on the occasion and the outfit, a woman may choose to dress up or dress down her look with the right hat.

Wide-brimmed and floppy hats are especially popular in the summer, and a stylish choice for women during beach vacations or outdoor events. While fedoras provide a classic look for a more formal occasion like a wedding or night out, cloches and berets are perfect for adding a touch of French-inspired style to any look where you want to add a bit of romance. The lightweight, breathable sun hats are ideal for protection from the sun at outdoor events, and fascinators are often seen at formal events, such as weddings or horse racing. 

The current trend in women's fashion is to pair hats with other accessories, such as sunglasses and scarves. This creates a complete look and helps to add texture and dimension to an outfit.

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Baseball caps, fedoras, flat caps, safari, trilby, and Panama hats.

Baseball caps are one of men's most popular hat preference, and they can be seen everywhere, from the stadium to the streets. They are a great way to keep covered without a big brim, and add a casual vibe to an outfit. Fedoras are a classic choice among professionals like business executives, lawyers, and journalists, adding sophistication to any look.

Flat caps are popular among men of all ages and can be seen at horse racing and golfing events. Wide-brimmed safari hats are a staple among men in the south and western states looking for coverage from the sun, while pork pie and trilby hats add a bit of edge to any outfit. Panama hats work well for formal occasions during the warmer months, such as weddings or outdoor venue events.

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Young Adults

Baseball caps, newsboy caps, boaters, fedoras, cloches, and berets.

Young adults often want to express their individuality through fashion, and hats are a fantastic means to do that. Most people that wear baseball caps can be seen everywhere, from the gym to the club. Newsboy caps offer a stylish option for young adults who want to add a vintage-inspired touch to their look. Bucket hats are perfect for adding a touch of street style to any look. Fedoras and boaters are timeless for young adults and can be worn in casual and formal settings. Both cloches and berets can add a touch of femininity to an outfit and are versatile options for many occasions, as well as wide-brimmed sun hats.


Baseball caps, buckets, beanies, and berets.

Teenagers often opt for more fashion-forward hats that ride current trends. These hats can be seen at concerts, sporting events, and festivals.

Baseball caps are prevalent among teens and can be seen everywhere, from the street to the skate park. These hats are common among streetwear brands and are often seen by celebrities and influencers. Beanies are a great choice for winter, while bucket hats also appeal to teenagers because they add a sporty, laid-back vibe to any outfit. These hats can add a touch of nostalgia to any look and are perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Teenage girls often wear wide brim hats, Berets or tams that provide an effortless, Parisian-inspired look.

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What Hats Are Trending This Winter?

As the temperatures drop, it's time to start thinking about what hats you'll be wearing this winter. Some of the most popular styles for both men and women include;

The Belfry Fondia is a baseball cap designed for cold weather wear. It features drop-down earflaps that can be folded inside when not in use and is fully lined for added comfort. This cap is perfect for keeping you warm during the winter months.

The Wigens Arthur is a flat cap made of heavy-weight wool. It features a stylish burgundy and navy plaid pattern and has earflaps that can be dropped down to protect the neck and ears from the cold. The curved side panels of the cap allow it to fit closer to the head for a more secure and comfortable fit. Wigens Arthur is a fashionable and functional choice for winter.

The Belfry Orsola is a warm and cozy hat made of a premium quality wool blend. It features a marled beige hue that will match well with many winter outfits, and a hand-cut flower accent adds a touch of femininity.

The Belfry Fiero is a hat designed to provide warmth during winter. It is made of substantial wool with a nubby nailhead pattern and features 6-panel construction for a slimmer, more fitted newsboy profile. The interior of the hat is fully lined for added warmth.

The Belfry Agata is a contemporary cloche hat made of a blend of mohair and wool. Its nubby knit and tweed-like color pattern give it a fashionable and unique look, while the flexible cord hidden within the brim helps the hat maintain its shape. The Agata is a stylish and practical choice for cold-weather wear, as it can help keep the chill out while adding style to any winter outfit.

The Belfry Bartolo is a fedora hat that is suitable for all-weather wear. Made of flexible, durable, and waterproof wool felt, it offers a classic silhouette with modern features. The Bartolo is designed to be warm, cozy, and dry, making it a practical choice for the winter season. It is also designed to travel well and maintain its shape. This fedora is designed by Tesi Hats of Italy. (Read: Types of Fedoras)

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How Do You Find Out What Hat is Best For You?

The best way to find out "what hat suits me" is to try on different styles and see which one fits your face shape and personal style the best. You should also consider matching your hat style with the occasion you are dressing for, as certain hats may be more appropriate. Additionally, you should consider the hat's color, material, and design to ensure it complements your outfit.

Face Shape

The shape of your face can be a helpful indicator when selecting a hat. A hat for your face shape should complement and balance your features.

  • Any hat style will look good if you have an oval face shape as they are considered the most versatile when it comes to hats. Have fun trying different crown shapes and brim sizes to see what suits your personal style.

  • If you have a round face, choose a crowned hat with a medium to short brim, like a fedora hat or cloche. (Read: How to Wear a Cloche Hat with Style) Asymmetrical brims and pinched crowns will add dimension, and also visual intrigue.

  • If you have a heart-shaped face, choose a hat with a medium brim such as a fedora, panama hat, or sun hat. Be aware of floppy brims that are too wide that they overwhelm you.

  • If you have a square face, wear hats with curved brims to soften the angles of your face. Wide brims fedoras, cloches, and cowboy hats are all good choices, as well as wide brim sun hats for their classy swing brimmed shapes. Avoid high crown hats and beanies, and maybe even try a tam or beret or something with a shallow crown.

  • Like oval shaped faces, those with a diamond shaped face tend to have their general pick of the lot. Experiment with wearing stingy brim styles like pork pies rested back on the head, or enjoy fedoras, safari hats, anything that plays with the symmetry of your face's dimensions.

Your hairstyle should also be taken into consideration when selecting a hat. Longer hair can be tucked away or styled to flow from the hat in a complementary style, while shorter hair can be accented with the angle in which you wear your hat. Hats with wider brims are often more flattering on people with long hair, as they provide more coverage.

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Style & Occasion

When selecting a hat, consider the style of your outfit and the occasion you are dressing for. A fedora or a trilby hat can be worn for formal occasions, while a baseball cap or bucket hat is more suitable for casual events. Additionally, consider the color and material of the hat to make sure it matches or complements your outfit.

  • A baseball cap is an obvious choice if you attend an event like a baseball game or any ultra casual outdoor event.

  • For events like Kentucky Derby, you can flaunt with a wide-brimmed fascinator with feathers, flowers, and a veil. (Read: 4 Tips to Pick The Perfect Kentucky Derby Hat)

  • You can choose a versatile hat like a fedora or pork pie for a business meeting.

  • You can choose a wide-brimmed sun hat for a day out in the sun or a straw hat.

  • For a night out, dress it up with a beret, stingy brim, or trilby.

Ultimately, finding the perfect hat is a matter of personal preference and experimentation. Consider your face shape, hairstyle, and occasion when selecting a hat. Don't be afraid to experiment with different hats and styles until you find the one that suits you best.

Once you have selected the style of hat that best suits you, it is important to ensure that it fits your head properly. A hat should fit snugly but comfortably and not slide off when moving your head.

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While fedoras provide a classic look for a more formal occasion like a wedding or night out, cloches and berets are perfect for adding a touch of French-inspired style to any look where you want to add a bit of romance. The lightweight, breathable sun hats or hats for destination weddings are ideal for protection from the sun at outdoor events and fascinators are often seen at formal events, such as weddings or horse racing.